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Winter League 2018 (15 Hole Competition) (Play over 7 Days)

  • 19th January 2018 3 Ball Scramble
  • 26th January 2018 3 Ball Classic
  • 2nd February 2018 3 Ball Rumble
  • 9th February 2018  3 Ball Waltz Classic.

Winter League 2018 Rules

  • The competition will begin on Friday 19th January 2018 and finish on Sunday 9th February (Weather Permitting) No extensions unless granted by organising committee.
  • Teams consist of 3 players, any combination. Only one substitute (person) is permitted for each team during the course of the competition and if used cannot play in any other teams.
  • Entry Fee is €75 per team and must be paid before playing round one
  • Teams will play 4 rounds and return cards from each round. All 4 rounds will be counted.
  • All rounds of the competition will be played from green markers and all rounds will be played over all 15 Holes.
  • Time Sheet will be in operation on BRS for each round.
  • All Winter League Matches must be played ONLY on designated dates in its format. i.e. round one 3 Ball Scramble is to be played on either Friday 19th January to Thursday 25th January 2018.