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Explore our parkland golf course just an hour from Dublin lined with mature trees and stunning views of the Slieve Bloom Mountains

Abbeyleix Golf Club

18 Holes
Par 72
100 acres 6029 yards


Established in 1895, a parkland course perched in the heart of Ireland.

The Saucer

Par 5 | 514 YDS

The first hole at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a sweeping left to right par 5. A long hole that is reachable in two for the big hitters, known as the saucer because the green sits down surrounded on all sides by slopes. Favour the left side of the fairway with your drive and approach. A large bail out area to the left of the green will keep you in play but your pitching will have to be sharp coming from above the green to stick it close.


Grove Hill

Par 5 | 494 YDS


The second at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a right to left par 5. Position play is favoured off the tee to set up your attempt at the green or your lay-up. Making your way down the fairway you will descend the upper tier crossing the water hazard before beginning your ascent up Grove Hill. Out of bounds awaits on the right and tree trouble will force a chip out for wayward balls left. An elevated green with a false front.

The Rock

Par 3 | 119 YDS


The third see’s you atop Grove Hill with excellent views as far as Slievenamon and the surrounding countryside. Looking to the green you’ll find a narrow area with water surrounding the front and mature tree’s standing tall lining the back to punish shot’s too long. A challenging distance that requires you to know your distances to land your drive plum and set up the birdie opportunity.

The Well

Par 4 | 296 YDS


The fourth at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a par 4, from an elevated tee you are driving towards a fairway that slopes away and to the right. The well is aptly named with water hazards to clear off the tee and awaiting any balls short and left on your approach.


Par 4 | 386 YDS


The fifth at Abbeyleix Golf Club takes you out to the furthest most point of the course. The fairway opens straight ahead of you. The fairway rises to an upper plateau out of bounds plays defense all the way down the left. A good drive favours the right, a bunker is awaiting a short approach shot on the right before the green.


Par 3 | 149 YDS


The sixth at Abbeyleix Golf Club rises before you on entry to the green. Bunkers surround the green to the front and a sharp drop behind lay as punishment for balls too short or long. The wind will determine club selection and shot shape for the hitting this green.


Par 4 | 253 YDS


On the seventh at Abbeyleix Golf Club make sure to take in another vista as you look upon the Slieve Blooms. A small fairway needs a precise shot for this hole. Out of bounds down the left and water hazards surround the fairway playing defense of per. Slopes around the green will take away pitch shots not landing in the heart of the green.


Par 4 | 403 YDS


The eight at Abbeyleix Golf Club see’s you play a dog leg left. Named for the green has you playing towards the gardens of Rathmoyle House built circa 1760 that the golf course surrounds. A good drive will have you placed around the bend aiming your second at the correct tier of the green setting up the birdie putt.


Par 4 | 338 YDS


The ninth see’s you play a dog leg left. A platform awaits a good drive. Where the pit will come into view anything short left of the green will find the pit. Tree’s mark where not to go as out of bounds waits beyond the tree line right. This hole favours being played from the right. With that your first nine holes are complete.

Par 4 | 389 YDS


The tenth hole at Abbeyleix Golf Club named for the townland of Rathmoyle that it runs parallel to. A narrow tee shot as trees overhang into view a drive anywhere on the fairway will set you up to go at the green in two or a layup. As the fairway rises above you, your second shot will be blind. An elevated green with a bunker to the right awaiting stray shots offline.


Par 4 | 349 YDS

Watery Lane

The eleventh hole at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a left to right par 4 leading you to the pond playing defense of the eleventh green. From an elevated tee a good drive is over the valley and on the plateau allowing your approach shot to go for the green. Short of the green will meet a watery end and long will fall off a steep slope.


Par 4 | 275 YDS

Esker Hill

The twelfth hole is an appealing par 4 short in nature but uphill all the way. The long hitters will be tempted by the driveable green but drives offline will be punished left and right. A steep slope and false front bring the bunker trap to the left of the fairway into play.


Par 4 | 359 YDS

Amen Corner

The thirteenth at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a dog leg right with a wide fairway awaiting good drives from the tee. Overlooking the valley from the tee a good drive will clear the valley and land on the plateau. Out of bounds is waiting all down the right of this hole for golfers who are too greedy with the corner.


Par 3 | 139 YDS

The Vee

The fourteenth at Abbeyleix Golf Club is an uphill par 3 with out of bounds all down the right. A tee shot too short is at risk with two bunkers to the front right and too long will be a challenging chip back to this green which narrows from the left or right.


Par 5 | 489 YDS

Barrack Trees

The fifteenth hole is a long par five from the tee you’ll see a wide fairway favour the right of the fairway to make an attempt at the green. Tree’s play defense all down this hole to the green tucked in to the left with a trap bunker waiting on the right of the green.


Par 5 | 488 YDS


The sixteenth at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a long dog leg right from an elevated tee a good drive favours the left of the fairway opening the green up at the back right of this hole. Spinneys, woods and a bunker are there to capture errand approach shots and a steep green will take balls away and off the green.


Par 3 | 204 YDS

Slieve Bloom

The penultimate seventeenth hole at Abbeyleix Golf Club is a long par three. Aptly named for the view of the Slieve Blooms mountains and Gorteenameale. An inviting green below awaits a good drive off an elevated tee. Out of bounds runs parallel on the right of this hole and a bunker both sides of the green set up challenging shots in defense of par.


Par 4 | 418 YDS

The Rath

The eighteenth and final hole at Abbeyleix Golf Club sets you up for one last challenge a straightforward looking hole your eye is drawn to the clubhouse is situ beside the green. Out of bounds right runs along the hole. Mature trees and spinneys play defense of par, a good drive favours the left side of the fairway to open up the green. Slopes will trap or take away a shot left or right of the green.


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