Club Information

Email:        Telephone: 05787 31450

Tee Time Bookings BRS

Captains 2023: Derry Connolly and Alice White

Presidents 2023: Kieran Savage and Martina Kilshaw

Officers of the Club 2023

  • Captain:                           Derry Connolly
  • Lady Captain:                Alice White
  • President:                       Kieran Savage
  • Lady President:            Martina Kilshaw
  • Vice Captain:                 Matt Thornton
  • Lady Vice Captain:       Una Whelan
  • Vice President:              Jimmy Joyce
  • Lady Vice President:    Evelyn Casserly
  • Club Secretary:              Jack Nolan
  • Club Treasurer:             Eamonn O’Sullivan

Council 2023 (20 members)

  1. John Fennelly Course Convenor
  2. Fearghal Nolan Competition Secretary
  3. Ronan Purcell
  4. Aidan Dunphy
  5. Donal OCallaghan Handicap Secretary
  6. Liam Ryan
  7. Rosemary O’Donnell
  8. Catherine Brennan
  9. Ann Maher
  10. Una Whelan

Ex Officio: Brendan Murphy and Bridie Fennelly

Trustees: Michael Martin, Brian Gee, Andrea Rogers.

Men’s Committee 2023:

  • Derry Connolly: Captain
  • Kieran Savage: President
  • Jack Nolan: Hon. Secretary
  • Eamonn O’Sullivan:Hon. Treasurer
  • Fearghal Nolan: Competition Secretary
  • Colin Self: Competition Committee
  • Donal OCallaghan: Handicap Secretary
  • Matt Thornton, Colin Murphy, Fearghal Nolan : Handicap Committee
  • Ronan Purcell
  • Aidan Dunphy
  • John Fennelly
  • Liam Ryan
  • Brendan Murphy

Ladies Committee 2023: 

  • Alice White Lady Captain
  • Una Whelan Lady Vice Captain
  • Martina Kilshaw Lady President 
  • Evelyn Casserly Lady Vice President
  • Rosemary O’Donnell
  • Karen Odlum
  • Roseann Tiernan Competition Secretary
  • Andrea Rogers
  • Ann Doherty Handicap Secretary
  • Bridie Fennelly
  • Brigid Malone
  • Elizabeth Meagher
  • Mary McDonald
  • Teresa Bradshaw Assistant Secretary

Handicap Secretary: Donal O’Callaghan

Men’s Competition Secretary: Fearghal Nolan

Ladies Competition Secretary:Roseann Tiernan

Ladies Handicap Secretary: Ann Doherty

Society Bookings: Colin Murphy.

Course Manager and Committee: John Fennelly

House and Bar: 

Social Committee:

Open Week: Matt Thornton and Una Whelan

Finance Committee: Derry Connolly, Alice White, Eamonn O’Sullivan, Kieran Savage, Jack Nolan, Rosemary O’Donnell

Fundraising: Eamonn O’Sullivan, Matt Thornton, Jack Nolan

Constitution: Eamonn O’Sullivan, Donal O’Callaghan, Karen Odlum, Jack Nolan, Michael Martin

BRS: Fearghal Nolan and Office

Office, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagam, Whats App :

  • Donal O’Callaghan. Facebook, Twitter and Website
  • Brendan Murphy: Instagram, Whats App.

Captains Aidan Dunphy, Bernie Carroll (2017) with Lady  Captain Andrea Rogers 2018